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Spend Matters 50/50: Keelvar – A Provider to Watch in 2015

We announced here and here our two (not ranked) lists: Spend Matters 50 To Know and 50 To Watch firms for 2015/2016. In the first case, […]

Down the Procurement Pub with BravoSolution, Coupa, John Nash, AnyDataSolutions and Ed Sheeran

Rats! My picture from Wednesday's Real World Sourcing session with BravoSolution did not save! Anyway, here is a photo of some nice wine. We used […]

Selecting an eSourcing Toolset – How to Match Your Strategic Requirements to Technology Offerings

We are pleased to bring you another post on our eSourcing hot topic this month from Dr Alan Holland, Founder and CEO, Keelvar - sourcing optimisation […]

e-Sourcing Strategies: When Choice Is Demotivating

We are delighted to bring you this thought-provoking post from Alan Holland PhD, Founder and CEO of Keelvar which specialises in simplifying complexity via sourcing optimisation. Did […]

Freight buying — complexity is increasing and sourcing strategies need to adapt

One of the chief beneficiaries of the growth in e-commerce in recent years is the wider freight sector. And while drones may be some time off (although it could be sooner than we think with both Google and Amazon already making significant progress) the freight industry has seen a range of innovative entrants in recent years. To date much of the innovation has been on the dispatch and operations side, be it GPS tracking or route optimisation. Companies like Scurri and Shutl have secured funding, supporting their attempts to make the delivery process more efficient. However, attention is now being turned to the upfront sourcing side, with some of the leading buyers of freight transport services looking at how they source as they look to combine carriers (delivering the goods) across lanes to maximum effect. The reason is simple. Sourcing optimisation is a key driver for delivering 5 percent to 15 percent improvements in results, and given the volumes being transacted the amounts in question can be quite considerable.

Sourcing Optimisation part 3 — the key benefits

In the final installment of a three-part series, Alan Gleeson of Keelvar, explores the key benefits of sourcing optimisation and what conditions lend themselves to […]

Sourcing Optimisation part 2 — why it is emerging only now

In the second of a three-part series, Alan Gleeson of Keelvar, explores what sourcing optimisation is and why it has taken so long to become […]

Sourcing Optimisation part 1 — the context

A recent post by Peter Smith asked why don’t we hear more noise in the procurement world about Market Informed Sourcing? One reason Peter cited for […]

Why Procurement is likely to follow the path that Financial Trading has taken

Financial trading underwent a period of seismic change in the first decade of the new millennium. Trading pits with screaming traders waving pieces of paper in a state of hysteria gradually emptied. A new order appeared in its place and the first investment banks to grasp the significance of the change made the biggest gains. This step change in trading techniques depended heavily on the new field of Quantitative Finance. The mathematics for modelling dynamic systems are complex, but for those who invested the time to better understand this complexity, the benefits were enormous as they made better informed trading decisions. In this article Dr. Alan Holland of Keelvar explores how Procurement is likely to follow a similar path.

How and Why Negotiations Are Being Replaced by Expressive Auctions in Sourcing

The art of negotiation has existed for millennia. In more recent years it has evolved into a number of techniques used by the respective contracting parties, as they endeavour to have full clarity of the range of possible outcomes and their walk-away positions/ best alternative to a negotiated agreement. As with poker, negotiating strategies can sometimes involve feigning a position of strength to achieve a preferred outcome, while on other occasions the only option is to accede to your opponent’s demands. Experience and skill play an increasingly important part in any negotiation. Any strong negotiator will benefit from having a good grasp of game theory in order to understand an opponent’s likely response to moves and intuitively this forms part of the initial strategic reasoning. Read more on the replacement of negotiations in sourcing by expressive auctions by Alan Holland, CEO and Founder Keelvar.

CPOs — Innovation over Spend Control Is This Year’s Driver to Staying Competitive

Alan Gleeson, Head of Sales and Marketing at Keelvar, gives us a succinct and useful overview of the recent Hackett Group report findings on procurement key issues for […]

Procurement 2020: Intelligent Markets for Sourcing and Long-Term Thinking (Part 2)

In the second part of Procurement 2020: Intelligent Markets for Sourcing and Long-Term Thinking, Dr Alan Holland, CEO, Keelvar discusses procurement trend predictions out to and beyond the next 10 years. 'Data-Driven Decision Making' and 'Sourcing Optimisation to Become Standard' are today's two remaining themes.