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Procurement 2020: Intelligent Markets for Sourcing and Long-Term Thinking (Part 1)

We are delighted to feature this post from Dr. Alan Holland, CEO and Founder, Keelvar. In this article we lay out our predictions for how strategic thinking will change as we move towards 2020, and how sourcing will unleash much greater efficiencies in the years to come. In what is undoubtedly going to continue as a period of ongoing transformation, the main certainty we envisage is that the discipline will continue to become more professional, leading to procurement being increasingly recognised as a key function crucial to the bottom line of any organisation of significant scale.

Keelvar and Norfolk – value and supplier engagement via procurement optimization

We mentioned a while back a new eSourcing firm called Keelvar. Their product fits into the optimisation space (or “market informed sourcing”, as we call […]

How Procurement Professionals can Borrow Techniques from the Lean Startup Methodology

Our guest writer Alan Gleeson, Head of Sales & Marketing, Keelvar, provides a valuable and useful insight into how procurement transformation can borrow techniques from the Lean Startup community. He takes the Lean Startup methodology as an approach to building businesses that has transformed how startups are perceived and relates it directly to procurement practice, calling on all procurement professionals to recognise the need to keep apace of change.

Keelvar, Invu and Neurored – more on our new friends from eWorld

Let’s get into some of the more interesting new boys and girls we met at eWorld recently in a little more detail. Keelvar is a […]