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Hire for Behaviour, Train for Skill – Efficio’s Panel Debate on The Human Factor in Leadership

The measure of a successful event is in great part the fact it grew in attendee numbers from the previous year. This was the case […]

Leadership Is Best Demonstrated In Times Of Crisis – Discuss

What makes a good, even a great leader? I know, I know, you’ve seen thousands of articles about this topic and most of them were […]

Leadership and Culture: Get Their Juices Flowing, But Not Like Sepp Blatter

Another excellent post from our regular guest contributor, Sigi Osagie, expert on effectiveness in Procurement & Supply Chain Management and author of "Procurement Mojo - Strengthening […]

Dr Ian George on Procurement Transformation – Competent Leadership

(We’re delighted to feature another post in the series on Procurement Transformation from Dr Ian George. Ian is a senior partner and practicing consultant at […]

Procurement Buzzword-Palooza Part 2: ‘Power Words’ (and Titles)

Words are powerful, and can obviously be used to convey meaning and exert influence. This is not just in mission statements or presentations, but also […]