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Last call for free download of this procurement research + other US news

All good things must end, and we have three research papers that will soon say "happy trails" and head back behind the paywall for Plus and PRO members only. If you're not a Plus or PRO member, you can still download for free through February 10. Beyond that, we're wrapping up our 2015 procurement predictions webinar series, and Pierre Mitchell comes at you live from Oracle's Value Chain summit (with a plea for hotels to please not poison their customers).

50 Shades of Pay, Mars, Jupiter, and Procurement, and ASTR

We've started a new series. It's sultry. It may take you to places you've never thought of going before. From author Pierre Mitchell: "You know spend analysis. So basic. So primal. Wham, bam, spend cube, thank you ma’am – you’re done, right? Not so fast. Spend analysis is not a quickie event on your long-term procurement transformation. It is an evolving competency, one in which as you become more skilled with it, you can bring so many different forms of [business] satisfaction to many stakeholders." Don't miss the first post in our 50 Shades of Pay series, Spend Analysis' Many Profitable Pleasures. And don't worry, there are 49 more posts to come after that.

New P2P Research, Marketing Analytics, Procurement Architecture…and German Beer

If you haven’t downloaded our new research paper yet, now’s the time. Avoiding “Dumb Ways to Die”: eProcurement and P2P Style Adoption Scenarios to Breathe […]