10 Theories on Procurement Technology Venture Stage Investment (Thesis 6: Supplier Collaboration: Goodbye Tinder, Hello eHarmony)


In a series of columns this year, I’ll share 10 theories that I believe will drive investments in earlier-stage (angel/seed and Series A/B) start-ups in the procurement technology market. For perspective, Thesis 1 looked at automation and vendors in that space. Thesis 2 looked at providers of marketplace solutions. Thesis 3 looked at UI/UX technology and adoption in the start-up stage. Thesis 4 dug deeper into bridge solutions. Thesis 5 looked at push savings. 

Today, let’s dig deeper into the rise of supplier collaboration.

Afternoon Coffee: Reducing supplier costs vs cutting jobs; Judge prevents TikTok ban in U.S.; Uber’s London license is restored

In today’s headlines, new research from Proxima shows that reducing supplier expenses is a better way to cut costs than trimming your workforce, ultimately benefitting a company’s earnings. In other news, a U.S. federal judge blocked the Trump administration’s ban of TikTok while it waits for approval of a pending deal for Oracle and Walmart to buy a stake in the company. Also, a judge in London restored Uber’s transportation license after it met a standard of safety measures. Afternoon Coffee brings you the latest in procurement and supply chain news.

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