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Market Dojo

Getting Started with Sourcing Technology

It is easy to think that every procurement function in the world is using procurement technology, or even the latest procurement technology the market can […]

The A-Z of Reverse Auctions – Market Dojo Takes Us Through Their Alphabet

We're pleased to feature a guest post from Market Dojo, providers of auction-related and other procurement solutions and software. We love reverse auctions! Yes, as […]

Innovation Dojo – another new product from Market Dojo

We featured Market Dojo and their new ‘Category Dojo’ product earlier this week. Their other recent new tool is ‘Innovation Dojo’.  This originally came from […]

Category Dojo – a new product from Market Dojo

If all the surveys and predictions are correct, topics such as supplier relationship management, capturing supplier  innovation, and collaboration are set to be priorities for […]

Market Dojo and contracting for a house extension – Nick Drewe is a brave man!

Well done to Nick Drewe of Market Dojo, sourcing solutions providers. He is following his own advice and running an e-Sourcing and auction process to […]