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Market-informed sourcing

A Christmas Case Study – Spend Matters Top Papers

In the run up to Christmas and my passing over the Spend Matters UK/Europe reins, we’ve been featuring some of the briefing papers we’ve written […]

Market Informed Sourcing – Spend Matters Top Papers

In the run up to Christmas and my passing over the Spend Matters UK/Europe reins, we’re going to feature some of the briefing papers I’ve […]

Market Informed Sourcing – Where Next For Market Leaders?

Over the years of Spend Matters UK/Europe, we’ve published a huge number of briefing papers and the like, on a wide range of procurement topics […]

Complex Sourcing and How it Relates to Market-Informed Sourcing Technology

Last month, we launched our new briefing paper, sponsored by sourcing technology firm Trade Extensions, and titled,  What defines complex sourcing – and why does […]

Complex Sourcing – Download our New Paper Now

How do you classify and segment the different types of procurement activity that go on in your business or organisation? There is a fine question […]

Supplier Relationship Management – the Impact of Market Informed Sourcing and e-Auctions

There are some interesting discussions to be had around Supplier Relationship Management (our Hot Topic for this month) and technology. Not in terms of the […]

MISing INACTION: Market Informed Sourcing Adoption Is Growing But It Is Still Low. Why?

We are pleased to bring you this insightful analysis from Garry Mansell, CEO Trade Extensions, world-class online sourcing and optimisation experts. Trade Extensions has recently launched TESS […]

Our Seasonal Case Study as Market-Informed Sourcing Saves Christmas…

Let’s come back to our recent case study, looking at how a very special client was able to use advanced optimisation software to sort out […]

A Special Christmas Case Study from Trade Extensions

You may have noticed their logo appearing over there to your right, and we’re delighted to welcome back Trade Extensions as a Lead sponsor for […]

Sourcing Optimisation part 2 — why it is emerging only now

In the second of a three-part series, Alan Gleeson of Keelvar, explores what sourcing optimisation is and why it has taken so long to become […]

Sourcing Optimisation part 1 — the context

A recent post by Peter Smith asked why don’t we hear more noise in the procurement world about Market Informed Sourcing? One reason Peter cited for […]

The Sourcing Revolution – Market-Informed Sourcing

Last week I was lucky enough to go with Peter Smith and watch him lead one of the BravoSolution Real World Sourcing expert briefings (which […]