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Market-informed sourcing

Spend Matters Papers: Market-Informed Sourcing; A game-changer for Procurement

So here’s the plan - through August we’re going to highlight all the research papers, briefings and so on that we’ve produced in the last […]

Spend Matters Papers: Sourcing Optimisation – Extracting Value from Complexity

So here’s a plan - through August we’re going to highlight all the research papers, briefings and so on that we’ve produced in the last […]

Procurement challenges ahead as weather hits crop production

Back from Dubai and temperatures of 38C (just short of 100 degrees F), we arrived at Heathrow last Thursday to sleet showers. Now things picked […]

Opportunities for procurement in 2013 from “RJ”

Our trends for 2013 – part 2 on procurement developments  drew a very interesting comment from “RJ” – Richard to his friends, we believe...  We’re […]

Procurement Trends 2013 (part 3) – Tools and Technology

So, let’s look now at trends and expectations in the area of procurement and supply chain technology in 2013. One area of potential is undoubtedly […]

The 12th Day of Christmas – Optimising Drummer supply with Market Informed Sourcing

Strategy Paper - Drummers Drumming Category Our requirement for Drummers Drumming is significant and growing, so we have been thinking about how to improve our […]

Trade Extensions – boldly going “Beyond Sourcing”

I caught up recently with Garry Mansell, CEO of Trade Extensions, the only globally leading procurement software firm based in a Norfolk market town. As […]

Market Informed Sourcing and what it says about procurement as a “profession”

We wrote earlier this week about Market Informed Sourcing (MIS), the confusion over terminology, and commented that growth in its usage isn’t as rapid as […]

Market Informed Sourcing – moving forward, but too slowly (part 1)

Trade Extensions have launched a bit of an advertising campaign - here's their new brochure - and we’re pleased to see they’ve adopted the “Market […]

Trade Extensions – bigger deals, software focus, growth in the US

I caught up recently with Garry Mansell, Chief Executive of Trade Extensions– experts in market informed sourcing, optimisation and other complex sourcing technology. They’re a […]

Market Informed Sourcing delivers a package of benefits

We’ve done a couple of events with BravoSolution promoting our White Paper on Market Informed Sourcing (MIS).  The concept of Market Informed Sourcing has gone […]

Market-informed sourcing – making it work, reaping the benefits

In the context of our new White Paper (available free to download here), we talked yesterday about how traditional  category management can restrict the market’s […]