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Marketing services procurement

Value Categories – When It Is Right To Spend More

We've had a lot of coverage here recently of marketing services procurement, driven in the main by the recent ProcureCon Marketing event, and it reminded […]

Unilever’s Foundry – Finding Innovative Start-Ups To Drive Marketing Performance (part 1)

You may start reading this post and think it is only relevant for marketing services procurement people. Please think again and read on – part […]

ProcureCon Marketing – Day One at the Leading-Edge Procurement Conference

The ProcureCon Marketing event at London's Tower Hotel kicked off on a grey June morning, but with a good level of enthusiasm amongst delegates. There […]

ProcureCon Marketing Conference – a Great Line-up for Next Week’s Event

We’re only a week away from the ProcureCon Marketing conference at London’s Tower Hotel on June 14th - 16th. It’s amazing really – not too […]

Is Marketing Procurement Dead? More Thoughts From Our Webinar

During our recent webinar with 4C Associates titled Is Marketing Procurement Dead, Milan Panchmatia of 4C and I looked at the reasons why certain complex […]

Procurement of Marketing Services – Will It Survive?

I remember having a blazing row with a McKinsey partner about whether 'goods' or 'services' were harder to buy (generally). He said 'goods' – he was […]

Sign Up Here – Is This the End of Marketing Procurement?

A final reminder for our free upcoming webinar on Thursday 5th May at 12.30pm BST with our friends at 4C Associates, the procurement consulting and […]

The End of Marketing Procurement? Join Us and 4C for a Webinar on May 5th

You can sign up here for our free upcoming webinar on Thursday 5th May at 12.30pm BST with our friends at 4C Associates, the consulting […]

Online Ads – Robots, Fraud and Ineffectiveness Increase

Many billions (in whatever currency you care to consider) are spent every year in the on-line advertising sector. But the questions about the effectiveness of […]

Win Richard Kirstein’s Excellent Book on Buying Music Rights!

We reviewed the new book by our occasional guest writer Richard Kirstein here. Titled “Music Rights – Without Fights” and subtitled “The Smart Marketer’s Guide […]

Procurement of Marketing Services – How Not To Be Fired

It is a couple of weeks now since PepsiCo, one of the largest consumer advertisers in the world, announced that they were firing their dozen-strong […]

Down the Procurement Pub with Wax Digital, Xchanging, PepsiCo and Alessia Cara

Here is a picture of the legendary Sigi Osagie, in the “Boardroom” within the Pitcher and Piano pub in Cornhill, just opposite the Bank of […]