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Down the Procurement Pub with the BBC, Wine, Eminem, Elizabeth and the Catapult

Back to the BravoConnect event and a nice dinner scene for you.  Spanish food can be great, but I was really not sure about the […]

Spend Matters 50/50: ProProcure – A Provider to Watch in 2015

We announced here and here our two (not ranked) lists: Spend Matters 50 To Know and 50 To Watch firms for 2015/2016. In the first case, […]

A Procurement View of Agencies and the Buy/Sell Dynamics of Marketing Services

We’ve featured various articles with a procurement slant over the years from The Drum website, aimed at the marketing community. It’s a really good website, […]

Welcome to ProProcure, our new Spend Matters sponsor

Super observant readers will have spotted another new logo in our Associate Sponsor section over to the right of the page. Yes, we’re delighted to […]

Should procurement keep out of buying marketing services – readers’ comments

Continuing our series of great debates we’ve seen in our “comments” sections recently, today we’ll pick up on the responses to Alex Ranson’s excellent two-part […]

‘New Year’s’ resolutions – No.1: Engage those stakeholders

I described the other day how this feels to me like the beginning of the year; so on that theme, here is the first of […]

More on Cameron, EU procurement and banning advertising firms

We featured the proposed Conservative policy on advertising agencies that are involved in 'sexualising children' last week.  I said then that EU procurement regulations would […]

Cameron, more public procurement and banning advertisers

I'm actually getting slightly disturbed about this.  It does seem to be every day now we get a new Conservative initiative that has major public […]

Marketing and procurement – fight! fight!

There has been a lot of comment recently around procurement / purchasing involvement in Marketing Services spend and how organisations ensure they get value form […]