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Competition Is Good – Just Watch “The Bodyguard” To See Why

Competition sits right at the heart of effective procurement, it drives innovation, it promotes successful economies, and mitigates the risk of corruption.  It is, all […]

Writing Content for a Procurement Audience – But Will Anyone Read It? (Part 2)

In part 1 we described how many more business people are writing for a procurement audience these days – blogs, articles, web material – and […]

Gareth Nugent at Discovery Networks – Tips on Working with Smaller and Innovative Suppliers

I was sorry to miss the CIPS Conference two weeks ago because of the mega-procurement event clash  – just as I was sorry to miss […]

Great British Bake-Off Leaves the BBC – Negotiation Strategies and Lessons

We have more fascinating procurement and negotiation lessons from the wider world, as the BBC lose the rights to show the Great British Bake-Off (GBBO) […]

The New Supply Management Magazine – First Impressions

Over the past few days, the new re-launched Supply Management magazine dropped onto tens of thousands of doormats. What are our initial thoughts about the […]

Exclusive! BiP Solutions Announces Acquisition of Pro-Mark Media

This morning BiP Solutions (BiP) announced its acquisition of Pro-Mark Media (PMM) -- a leading UK construction media company -- strengthening both firms’ capabilities in […]

The Apprentice – Live Blog on Tonight’s Buying and Negotiating Task

Tonight it is the legendary "buying and negotiating" episode of the Apprentice UK TV programme, where hapless contestants compete for the chance to go into […]