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Michael Lamoureux

Meet The Team – Today Let’s Meet Michael

It’s about time we introduced our readers to the brilliant people behind the vendor and product/service insight and analysis, the consulting work, and the SolutionMap […]

The Future of Procurement – According to Dr Lamoureux

Michael Lamoureux, aka the doctor, as he is known to his friends, is a brilliant guy who works with and writes for our Spend Matters […]

Don’t Build Your Own eSourcing System – The Doctor Says So!

We published a short article here giving briefly some reasons why public sector organisations – well, anyone really – should not even think about developing […]

The Procurement Commandments – Dr Michael Lamoureux Gives Us Ten

So how is our Ten Commandments of Procurement topic for July coming along? Well, we’ve had two significant additions to the thinking in the last […]