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Favourite Albums of the Last Ten Years – the Quarter Finals

Please read yesterday’s article if you want to understand what is going on here! QF1: Kanye West vs Laura Marling   If Kanye versus Alt-J […]

Favourite Albums of the Last Ten Years: The Play-Offs

I’ve been threatening this “favourite albums of the last 10 years” for a while now, so in my final week as a regular here, I […]

Albums of the Past Ten Years – All Our Lists

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I’d be looking at my top albums lists from the past ten years of lists here and […]

Down the Procurement Pub with Garry M, Jim H, Tradeshift and Music

For various reasons, the Spend Matters office Christmas party was postponed this year, so here is last year's picture again, with Nancy and I enjoying […]

The Best Albums of 2018: the Top Ten!

So, here we go with our favourite ten albums of 2018. It is very much a personal choice, hence the lack of jazz, rap, grime, […]

Albums of the Year: Number 20 to 11

Continuing our top 30 albums of 2018 countdown, and we start with some cheating – two joint 20s! I only discovered the Muncie Girls excellent […]

Albums of the Year: Number 30-21

Today, we start our top 30 countdown of Albums of the Year.     30.   Hold On To Your Heart    The Xcerts Young Scots, […]

Top Albums of 2018 – Some Gems Before We Get To The Top 30 …

Today, before we get into our top 30 albums of 2018 (starting Tuesday afternoon), a quick summary of another 15 or so I've enjoyed this […]

Down the Procurement Xmas Market with Efficio, Basware, Clinical Waste, Editors and Grandaddy

My penultimate week really of active Spend Matters activities and quite a social one. I spent an enjoyable couple of hours with musical maestro David […]

A Music Special – Two Albums and Year-End Plans

We will be featuring our famous Album of the Year countdown from December 18th through to December 20th, which gives you a few days to […]