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Top 10 Best Negotiations of 2014 – Really??

I was quite excited when I saw this advertised on Twitter: “Top 10 Best Negotiations of 2014: Negotiation Case Studies Drawn from Negotiation Examples in […]

Public Spend Matters Europe – Highlights from this Week

Here is our Friday run down of  what we have published for you on our site dedicated to exciting and fascinating matters connected with European […]

New Approaches to Procurement Negotiation – Anchoring

Our new briefing paper is titled “New Approaches to Procurement Negotiation – Dr Daniel Kahneman and Behavioural Psychology Suggest Some Winning Techniques”. You can download […]

New Approaches to Procurement Negotiation – Read About How Priming Can Help (or Hinder)


Our last BravoSolution Real World Sourcing event looked at the latest thinking in behavioural psychology and how it might impact negotiation strategy, approaches and ideas. […]

ProcureCon Marketing Day 2: Talent, Talent, Talent — and Which Colour Square Are You?

Yesterday we reported on some of the events during the first half of the morning session at ProcureCon Marketing last week. The rest of the […]