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Breaking News – Alison Littley to leave Buying Solutions

Having published our essay about Buying Solutions not two hours ago, and totally coincidentally, we now understand that their Chief Executive, Alison Littley, is moving […]

UK Government procurement part 5 – the future of Buying Solutions

In this final installment of our review of UK central Government procurement initiatives and developments, we’ll take a look at Buying Solutions (‘BS’) and where […]

‘OGC’ Procurement policy notices and big ‘Transparency’ policy news

I've had a bit of a rant a couple of times here - and directly to a few 'OGC' people - about the sad state […]

UK Government procurement part 3: life after OGC

So we looked back at OGC’s history and performance yesterday; today we’ll assess what life after OGC looks like for public sector procurement. Of course, […]

UK Government procurement part 2:The History of OGC – was it all worthwhile?

We wrote last week about OGC disappearing as a single identifiable organisation. And more confirmation came on Friday when Cabinet Office confirmed to me that […]

Government ‘lean procurement’ review – details and predictions

We reported a while ago that Cabinet Office had instigated a 'lean procurement' study.   Following a Freedom of Information request, we got a bit […]

News exclusive! OGC staff survey reveals an organisation in crisis

The Cabinet Office staff survey results haven't exactly been shouted from the rooftops since they came out last week.  (Week before Christmas - great time […]

UK Public Procurement – who is doing what? (Making sense of the Cabinet Office)

We're still taking in the publication of UK Government spend data last Friday (and hoping someone might do some clever spend analytics so we can […]

Maude criticises public procurement again – and Cabinet Office plans published

Of course politicians always do it, as do football managers or even procurement leaders.  Go into a new job, shake your head, and tell the […]

Energy Collaboration scoops public procurement prize

Well done to the Collaborative Energy Team, which includes people from OGC and other UK Government Departments, who won the Procurement Award last Thursday at […]

Exclusive! Ex-Treasury Boss Nigel Smith says Philip Green should ‘stick to his knitting’

I was speaking today at an event organised by American Express, who are looking to increase the public sector's awareness of their various procurement and […]

White Paper on the challenge for public procurement; and Amex seminar

I have written a White Paper, sponsored by American Express, looking at the challenges for public procurement given the current economic situation (and of course […]