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MISing INACTION: Market Informed Sourcing Adoption Is Growing But It Is Still Low. Why?

We are pleased to bring you this insightful analysis from Garry Mansell, CEO Trade Extensions, world-class online sourcing and optimisation experts. Trade Extensions has recently launched TESS […]

A Special Christmas Case Study from Trade Extensions

You may have noticed their logo appearing over there to your right, and we’re delighted to welcome back Trade Extensions as a Lead sponsor for […]

e-Sourcing Strategies: When Choice Is Demotivating

We are delighted to bring you this thought-provoking post from Alan Holland PhD, Founder and CEO of Keelvar which specialises in simplifying complexity via sourcing optimisation. Did […]

Staging a Bold Retreat — A Bird’s Eye View of the Optimisation Market

A recent article by Garry Mansell, CEO Trade Extensions, of TESS™ (world-class sourcing and optimisation platform) fame, stated: "industry as a whole, and managers as a species, […]

Trade Extensions – where supply chain meets production planning (part 2)

We described yesterday the mind-bogglingly difficult sourcing optimisation/ production planning problem that Trade Extensions addressed for a client recently.  ( As a reminder; supply over […]

Trade Extensions – where supply chain meets production planning

We wrote recently here about the new Trade Extensions platform which is bringing easier optimisation options to clients. There are two key strategic developments we […]

Trade Extensions and the blurring of the auction / optimisation divide

We’ve featured Trade Extensions before, and of course they sponsored our White Paper on optimisation (available here).  Jason Busch and I recently had a session […]

Optimisation / advanced sourcing – changing the fundamentals of procurement?

Last week, we looked (here and here) at some of the findings from a recent CombineNet study of nearly 50 companies using its self-service advanced […]

More from CombineNet survey on ‘advanced sourcing’

CombineNet (see previous post here) recently released the results of a study on sourcing events using their self-service technology.  Jason Busch wrote two extensive pieces […]

More on the prison food procurement process

We had a couple of very interesting comments on last week's post about the Prison Service procurement of food. 'Flog' pointed out that the Prison […]

Sourcing optimisation offers “a radical departure” from traditional procurement processes

As we announced the other day, “Sourcing Optimisation – Extracting Value from Complexity,” is available for download (free of charge) now. You need to register here […]

Sourcing Optimisation – White Paper available now

We’ve mentioned on several occasions advanced sourcing processes and technology – just the other day, we commented that we now have probably the four leading […]