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What’s in a (brand) name? How does ‘Bannatyne’ sound?

How much weight does a 'brand' carry?  What premium would you pay as a buyer for that brand?  And are there specific dangers where the […]

On being a non-executive Director – Remploy and the Legal Services Commission

I have a general principle that I don't blog about things I am working on as a consultant / adviser; there are obvious questions of […]

Procurement News – OK, you think of a better title then….

We're starting a new feature today (yes, I know it's Sunday; but Rust Never Sleeps as Neil Young famously said). We may think of a […]

Supply Managament article – procurement create PQQ hell

There is a very good article on the Supply Management website, and in the magazine,  by Brian Avery, previously an Executive Director of OGC (the […]

Getting value from Supplier Relationship Management

I confess - I stopped subscribing to CPO Agenda, ("CIPS answer to the Harvard Business Review" )  when they stopped offering the Fellows' discount.  Which […]

How do we look to suppliers?

Dinner with a group of current and ex CPOs last week – purely social – but an interesting discussion about the profession.  In particular, a […]

Other people we like working with – CIPS GPA

CIPS GPA, whose website we link to in the ‘blogroll’,  is one of the UKs top procurement recruitment firms.  I’ve worked them for many years […]