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Government Looks At Carillion and Public Sector Outsourcing – Peter Smith Comments

I’ve sent off my submission to the Parliamentary Public Administration and Constitutional  Affairs committee, which is running an inquiry into “Sourcing public services: lessons learned […]

County Council Goes “Bust” – Excuses, But Is Pure Incompetence To Blame?

There is only one town in the UK that hosts a top-flight (four highest divisions) football team, a Premiership rugby outfit and a top-level county […]

Economies of Scale – How Has This Approach Changed Over Recent Years?

Back in 2011, I wrote about "Procurement myths: economies of scale and 'bigger is better':" in two parts. Let's take a look at what I […]

Liverpool and Lancashire Outsourcing Investigation Rolls On

This is a complex story that has been reported for some time. But it still hasn’t become clear really to the external observer just what […]

Wedgbury Departs HTE – and Some Interesting “No-Bids” for Health Procurement Contracts

We mentioned last Friday that Jonathan Wedgbury has left the Midlands-based HealthTrust Europe (HTE), one of the largest collaborative procurement bodies in the UK health […]

British Airways Shambles – Are Outsourcing, Offshoring or Cost-Cutting To Blame?

What on earth is happening at British Airways? Tens of thousands of passengers have had a miserable few days (see picture), with flights cancelled, packed […]

Optimum Procurement Rises From The Ashes After Client Dispute

It is not often we are shocked, but this article yesterday on the Insider business website came as a big surprise. Optimum Procurement Services, owned […]

HfS and Accenture Publish Procurement Outsourcing Analysis – Essential Reeding

Back in December, outsourcing analyst firm HfS produced a “blueprint” report – “Procurement-As-a -Service 2016” - which looked at the changing market for procurement outsourcing […]

Why Procurement Leaders Need External Support – New Paper Out Now

We have a new briefing paper available - “Achieving procurement leadership through external services”.  You can download it here, free on registration. We wrote it […]

Outsourcing in the UK Public Sector – Conflicting Signals

There are some conflicting signals coming out of the UK government outsourcing market at the moment. On the one hand, we have seen some high-profile […]

BT and Cornwall in High Court – Outsourcing Dispute Goes Cornwall’s Way

In the pre-Christmas chaos, I'm sorry to say we missed the news on December 21st that BT failed in their high court bid to stop […]

Exclusive! Ministry of Defence to Bring Shared Services Back In-house when Serco Contract Ends

We heard recently from our sources that the Ministry of Defence has decided to bring the management of Defence Business Services (DBS) back in-house next […]