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Pay and reward

Public sector procurement – who deserves more pay?

Bernard Gray, Chief of Defence Materiel, got a moderately hard time from the Defence Select Committee last week (you can watch it here if you […]

Measuring procurement savings – part 3

Continuing our series (after a slight delay) on savings measurement, we come on to attributing savings.  This was the issue that generated a question from […]

The Imperfection of Markets Part 1: Richard Dunne

I have regular arguments with my wife about football, or to be more precise, the 'market' for footballers and their resulting transfer fees and wages. […]

Law of unintended consequences and public sector salaries

As I get older, one of the rules of life that seems to me more and more accurate is the Law of Unintended Consequences. It […]

Procurement trumps finance in CIPS Salary Survey – I don’t believe it!

Apparently (according to the survey conducted by CIPS and consultancy Croner Reward) procurement professionals are paid more than any other function. No, sorry, don't believe […]

The going rate – procurement when it’s a Byers market

According to the Lawyer, top partners in the biggest law firms have dropped rates to around £450 an hour - or £3,600 a day. I […]

Whats the best procurement job in the world?

The Times reports that the Cabinet Office list of committees recently published includes the Government Hospitality Advisory Committee for the Purchase of Wine.  It is […]

More on procurement performance

I had some interesting comments on Linked In relating to my post on measuring procurement performance (with the comparison to footballers where failure is pretty […]

Procurement people have an easy life…discuss

I've written a post for Spend Matters following up my Sunderland - getting-hammered-by-Chelsea theme, but discussing whether it has a message for procurement people.  I […]

Public sector bonanza? I see grey clouds ahead….

The Times leads today with how UK public sector wages have grown compared to compared to the private sector.  And there's no doubt that over […]

BBC salaries

The Times features  a list of BBC 100 top salaries today. (The full list is only in the printed version as far as I can […]