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PFI – The Biggest Rip-Off in UK Public Sector History?

The announcements in the UK government budget last week about PFI (Private Finance Initiative) came as no great surprise. Chancellor Philp Hammond signaled the end […]

Corbyn and Re-nationalising the NHS – Fantastic Views On Use Of Private Sector

Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour Party, says that he will stop PFI (private finance initiative) contracts if he becomes Prime Minster. He pledged cash […]

Scottish Schools are Falling Down – Do We Blame PFI Procurement?

The closure of schools in Scotland last week might have got much bigger headlines in the national press if it had been Essex or East […]

PFI – fat cats 1, public sector 0. Prepare for round 2…

Two recent bit of news that we’re just catching up with now. The UK government’s Office for Budget Responsibility, in its recent “Fiscal Sustainability Report”, […]