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Forget Sir Humphrey – Sir Jeremy Brings Home the Bacon As Pharma Firms Pay Up

Well, we do hope that Sir Jeremy Heywood (the real-life "Sir Humphrey" for fans of Yes Prime Minister) negotiated himself a “share of savings” deal […]

Charging Drug Firms – NICE Proposals Could Make Markets Less Effective

What should public procurement be trying to do? Simply acquire the right goods and services needed to keep government running? Support wider specific policy objectives, […]

Pfizer and AstraZeneca – procurement implications of potential take-over

Pfizer, the giant US-based pharmaceutical company, has made a hostile takeover bid for UK-based (but also highly international) AstraZeneca, valuing the company at £63 billion. […]

Pharma procurement at the cross roads – beyond cost reduction?

(We're delighted to welcome a guest post from Jonathan Betts, Sales and Marketing Director at Science Warehouse, e-catalogue and P2P experts) The pharmaceutical industry stands […]