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ProcureCon Europe

ProcureCon Europe Coming Soon – And a Request for Eyes and Ears

As we reported in August ProcureCon Europe will soon be here - October 17 to 19, Hotel Palace Berlin. And there’s still time to register. […]

ProcureCon Europe – Future Proofing Your Procurement Strategy

ProcureCon Europe is coming round again – surely it can’t be nearly a year since we arrived at the Berlin Palace Hotel (not where we […]

Nick Brazier of Allianz at ProcureCon Europe – Procurement Can Accelerate “Time-to-Market”

Another outstanding session at the recent ProcureCon Europe event came from Nick Brazier, Headof Procurement in the UK for Allianz Insurance, the “32nd biggest firm […]

ProcureCon Europe 2016 On-Demand – Watch 11 Keynote Addresses

For those Procurement Professionals who, for one reason or another, were unable to attend ProcureCon Europe this year, we have been offered the opportunity to invite […]

Ton Guerts at ProcureCon Europe – People and Influence Are Key

You do get the chance to hear from and meet some impressive people at events like ProcureCon Europe. One who certainly falls into that category […]

ProcureCon EU – Creating Belief, Energy and Trust in Your Innovative Procurement Team

JJ Van der Meer is a partner at PA Consulting and was previously a senior procurement executive at Unilever and GSK, but he was fondly […]

Kristian Saksida, Solvay CPO – Keynote at ProcureCon Europe

We will be featuring the highlights from the recent ProcureCon Berlin event here over the next couple of weeks. We will start today with “Lessons […]

ProcureCon Europe: “… Exceptional Conference for Senior Procurement Professionals…” says delegate

An early reminder about one of the season's biggest procurement events for senior procurement professionals -- ProcureCon Europe. An early reminder this may be, but you can […]