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Procurement activism

Ten reasons why Government procurement spend with SMEs isn’t increasing (part 2)

We started yesterday discussing why the UK government is struggling to increase its spend with smaller suppliers (SMEs). We gave the first five reasons – […]

Ten reasons why government procurement spend with SMEs isn’t increasing

Recent figures show that spend with SMEs in UK central government isn’t increasing and in some Departments (which embarrassingly includes Cabinet Office itself, guardians of […]

Not From Round Here: The Problem With Buying Local

(We're pleased to feature a Guest Post from Ross Mulkern, a business writer and analyst, who previously contributed his thoughts here on heavy metal band […]

Procurement Activism – can we do anything about “corrosive salary levels”?

Thanks for the excellent comments around our launch last week of “Procurement Activism” . We toyed with the idea of changing the term to “Proactive […]

Procurement Activism – part 2

We introduced our exciting new concept of Procurement Activism yesterday. I’m sure some will say “we do it already”, and indeed our thinking is that […]

Procurement Activism

I described last week how various tumultuous events recently had led me to question a long-held belief -that procurement should stick as far as possible […]