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What Makes a Successful Procurement Leader? (Part 1)

Many, many words have been written about procurement leadership and what makes a successful procurement director, CPO or equivalent. We should always be careful about […]

Summer Reading – A Handful of Recommended Books, Procurement and More

Now the summer holidays are here, we are going to suggest some reading that will keep you busy … you can read the rest of […]

Procurement Engagement – Birds Without Wings Can’t Fly to Success

We are pleased to bring you another illuminating post from our regular contributor, Sigi Osagie, expert on effectiveness in Procurement & Supply Chain Management, helping organisations and individuals achieve […]

‘Keeping Up with the Joneses’ – Cutting-Edge Procurement

Jeremy Smith, 4CAssociates, leading procurement consultancy specialists, considers how businesses can ensure they are not left trailing in the wake of their competitors when it comes to […]