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Peter Smith at eWorld – Identifying the Right Procurement Solutions and Providers in a Shifting Market

If you are going to be at eWorld next week, one presentation not to be missed is Procurement Technology: A Paradigm Shift In How We […]

20 Yrs Ago 3% of Knowledge Was Digitised, Today Just 3% Isn’t: Procurement’s Tipping Point

A future led by the likes of AI, robotics and 3D printing will change the workplace as we know it. What this might mean for procurement, […]

Autumn – And Therefore eWorld – Is On Its Way

I know we’re all still getting over the heatwave, but it will be Autumn soon, and just as the falling leaves come around with a […]

eWorld – Coming Soon: Are You Future Fit?

It seems barely a few weeks since we were last at eWorld Procurement and Supply, but here we are again with only 6 weeks to […]