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“Black Swans” hitting IT projects

One in six big IT projects go over-budget by an average of 200%, according to new research. The study by Oxford University and McKinsey also […]

Supply Management interview with Virgin Media procurement head

We might start a new feature here - we'll call it "questions I would have liked to ask". Don't you sometimes see interviews - with […]

Welcome to Spend Matters UK / Europe

Hello, I'm Peter Smith, Editor of Spend Matters UK / Europe, and I'm delighted you're reading this! Today we have our 'soft' launch of Spend […]

An open letter to Sepp Blatter and FIFA

Dear Mr Blatter The allegations of bribery around voting for the World Cup are unwelcome and serious.  So it would seem to be an appropriate […]

Procurement News – all UK Public Sector stuff today

Less Re:source for the NHS The East Midlands NHS Procurement Hub is to be abolished, Procurement Leaders reports (an 'exclusive' for them - haven't seen […]

Meeting Trade Extensions – Howzat!

I had a phone call the other day. "Hi, this is Garry.  I'm MD of Trade Extensions, we know Jason at Spend Matters and he […]

OGC and Cabinet Office – the plot thickens (again…)

The Cabinet Office has published organagrams for UK Government Departments including salaries, number of positions at different levels and so on. All very interesting, if […]

Local sourcing, Walmart, and Felicity Kendall’s legs….

Did you see strictly Come Dancing? (Not that I watch it usually of course, just happened to be passing etc etc...) Do you realise that […]