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How harnessing data analytics can reduce procurement fraud

We are pleased to publish this post from Andrew King, Co-Founder and CTO of business intelligence firm Qynn. While procurement’s main objective has and always […]

How to Commit Procurement Fraud!

I’m still planning to write the book titled  “How to Commit Procurement Fraud” one day. I think it could be a best seller. So how […]

Procurement To The Rescue – How Tighter Controls Can Help Prevent Invoice Phishing Scams

We are pleased to publish this advisory post from Abid Muhammad, IT Manager at State of Flux, which provides contract lifecycle and category management, strategic sourcing […]

Public Spend Forum Europe – Public Procurement Highlights from this Week

Public Spend Forum Europe is dedicated to European public sector procurement, and aims to be a global community and knowledge network for public procurement and the public […]

Fraudulent Invoices, Prevention and Cure – A Local Authority’s Story

It is known that invoice-related fraud or fake invoices being manually processed through Accounts Payable can cost a business or local authority hundreds of thousands […]

Ad Fraud — Robots Are Stealing Billions from Digital Marketing Procurement Budgets

Ah! -- the good old days of marketing services procurement! When we knew pretty much exactly how many people were reading that magazine with our […]