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Procurement Organisation and Structure – Why It Matters For CPOs

I was a CPO in three large complex organisations over a ten-year period; one was divisional and multinational;  a public sector body was national but […]

Ayming Procurement Survey – Do CEOs Really Want to Re-organise Procurement?

Ayming is, we confess, a new name for us in terms of management consulting in general and procurement consulting. The firm has popped up a […]

Ask Spend Matters – Centralized, Decentralized or Hybrid Sourcing Structure?

We mentioned here that our colleagues at Spend Matters US are running a new feature called “Ask Spend Matters” in which readers.. yes, you’ve guessed […]

Procurement Organisation – Key Questions To Be Debated on February 10th

As we mentioned last week, I am speaking on February 10th in London at a workshop event organised by Oracle and Enrich. We hope to […]

Procurement Organisation and Structure – Free Event with Oracle and Enrich

Back in October, I spoke at a successful “Modern Procurement” event held by Oracle and Enrich, looking at Social Media and procurement. You will of […]

Seven-fold return for procurement, but CPOs note – you might still have too many people

AT Kearney, CIPS and ISM have produced a report titled Building the Brand of Procurement and Supply. It makes the case for procurement generally, and […]

Structuring Procurement – devolved doesn’t have to mean ‘out of control’

The launch of our new briefing paper “Centralise or Devolve Procurement – Why Not Both”? sparked some interesting comments, including the whole question of how to structure the procurement function, both in terms of the pure procurement staff and how the function relates to stakeholders. We discuss this perrenial favourite here.

Structuring Procurement – to centralise or decentralise?

Hands up who knows what ‘CLAN’ means? Ten procurement points for everyone who said "centre-led action network".  That was the organisational design concept developed by […]

Balancing internal & external service provision – a recipe for procurement success (part 1)

We’ve got another newly published Spend Matters Research Paper to tell you about this week - “How to balance internal and external service provision – […]

Jason Busch procurement scenario 1 – “Extreme localization and decentralization require new approaches”

We explained yesterday about Jason Busch and his five scenarios for procurement over the next decade. Here is the first. (You can read his full […]

More on the changing role of the Chief Procurement Officer – the CPO as Lady Gaga

Having spent last weekend at Reading Festival, but of course still thinking about our series of posts on procurement outsourcing, a link between the two […]

Procurement organisational structures, CLAN and SCAN – part 3 (at last)

We published a couple of posts around CLAN and SCAN last month, arguing that technology makes it more feasible these days to exert meaningful control […]