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Public Spend Forum – Public Procurement Highlights from this Week

Public Spend Forum (PSF) is a public sector procurement global community and market intelligence platform dedicated to improving public procurement and the public sector market. On […]

Minister Announces New Measures for Government Procurement

An article in the Times last week from Oliver Dowden, who is the Minister for Implementation at the Cabinet Office, was the first we’ve heard […]

Public Procurement Policy – Avoid Onerous Contracting Practices

The Crown Commercial Service has issued an interesting Procurement Policy Note to finish the year. Usually these PPNs are very much related to technical procurement […]

Procurement Policy – Why Is It Different For The CEO?

Anyone who has worked in procurement for a while, in pretty much any organisation, knows that the rules and policies that govern procurement spend usually […]

Friday rant – EU invites ideas for improving public procurement blah blah blah…

Peter, I hear many of you asking.  Why haven't you featured the very exciting 'green paper' the European Union has issued asking for ideas about […]

‘OGC’ Procurement policy notices and big ‘Transparency’ policy news

I've had a bit of a rant a couple of times here - and directly to a few 'OGC' people - about the sad state […]

The UK Government wants to use procurement to support charities – is this feasible?

I'm grateful to Philip Hoult, editor of Local Government Lawyer, who sent in a comment on my Spending Review post a little while ago: Peter, […]

Aligning Procurement with wider business strategy**

** No. 294 in our series of 'great boring blog headlines I have known' Why do Procurement Directors get fired?  That's a bit more interesting […]

Mark Hurd of HP: it’s not about sex, its about procurement policy! (Much more interesting)

You realise you've probably been doing procurement for too long when you  find the Hewlett-Packard corporate procurement policy more interesting than which particular soft-porn films […]

Building Schools for the Future – is it all the EU’s fault?

I met a lady from a large supplier ( a mix of consulting and some more 'delivery' type services) to Government today. She's just taken […]

Government Procurement Card, Mr Bumble and the Cinammon Club

You couldn't make it up.  The latest expose in various papers today was the use of the GPC (Government Procurement Card).  Here is the Daily […]