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Aligning Procurement with business strategy – part 2: why central procurement may struggle in Whitehall

We talked yesterday about strategic alignment between procurement and the wider organisation.  These principles are applicable to any organisation; but let's look at two major […]

Measuring procurement savings part 4: Capturing the benefits

We previously discussed measuring and reporting savings; the final part of the jigsaw is 'capturing' those savings, and that is easier said than done.  What […]

Spend Matters gets stroppy; and procurement savings claims annoy me

Jason Busch at Spend Matters has been causing waves by making some pretty direct criticisms of Gartner Group and a key individual there.  He's blogged […]

Contract Opportunity – Exclusive!

Procurement Excellence is delighted to publish this exclusive contract opportunity that has come our way. We look forward to your responses.... Contract Opportunity – Invitation […]

2010 – Crystal Balls and all that – three key procurement puzzles

I was going to review 2009 in detail, but decided that looking backwards is pretty pointless really, unless it helps us look forward.  But one […]

Sustainable sleep for suspects*…

(* well, prisoners really but I like alliteration....) Just imagine...you're a dynamic, thrusting young purchasing category manager working for a sexy FMCG, IT or media […]

Evaluating tenders – Supply Management Article

I have an article in Supply Management magazine this week.  It is a bit technical - all about how to evaluate bids and in particular […]