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Procurement services

IBM – The procurement people behind the Big Blue

Unless you’ve been to some of the procurement-focused events in recent years, you’d be forgiven for thinking IBM were keeping a relatively low profile, given […]

Myth Busting at Capita

If you’ve not spent any time with Kieran Sullivan, then you should. Kieran works for Capita Procurement Solutions (CPS), a procurement business of Capita PLC, […]

Achieving Procurement Leadership Through External Services – New Paper Available Now

We have a new briefing paper for your delight and delectation. The title is “Achieving procurement leadership through external services”, and in it we look […]

Selecting the Right Outsourcing Provider

Milan Panchmatia, Director at 4C Associates, leading procurement consulting / outsourcing services provider, gives professional advice on procurement outsourcing.  Deciding to bring on a third-party provider can have […]

Odesma Offers a New Take on Procurement Services and Outsourcing

So, you might be wondering, whatever happened to Ironman aficionado (see picture) Ed Cross? He was the MD of Xchanging’s Procurement Services business for some […]