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Hackett Group Publishes Procurement Key Issues Report

The latest Hackett Group “Procurement Key Issues” report is titled, The CPO Agenda: Expanding Procurement’s Influence Through Change and Innovation. It is a good piece […]

What Makes Procurement So Interesting? A Skiing Story …

Why is procurement so interesting? I know, you might not always feel that way, but one reason that might resonate with many of us is […]

Procurement Success in 2018 – Some Simple (But Important) Reminders

Happy New Year and welcome back after the holiday season – we are getting back to full coverage here at the dynamic head office of […]

What is Procurement Value? Tune In To Our Webinar For Some Clues

It has become generally accepted that “procurement is about value, not just savings”. Go to any conference these days and you’ll find plenty of CPOs […]

Proxima Procurement Survey Suggests Mismatch With Business Priorities

Yes, it’s another procurement survey to tell you about – this one from Proxima, in conjunction with Supply Management. 400 procurement specialists responded, with an […]

Economies of Scale – A Procurement Myth? ( Part 2)

We talked about economies of scale yesterday and how they did or do not apply to different organisations; and touched on other factors that may […]

Economies of Scale – A Procurement Myth?

Another of our "blasts from the past" and another that is as relevant today as when we first published it ... _____________ A surprising amount […]

Prioritising Long-Term Strategic Value over Short-Term Savings

This guest post comes to us from David Yin, Associate Consultant at procurement consulting provider, GEP. 3G Capital, the distinguished private equity firm notable for […]

Back to Basics – Explaining Competitive Advantage to An Alien CEO

We’re back with our CPO hero, explaining procurement to their very clever, sexually fluid and alien CEO TraceyJim (TJ for short). TJ has a huge […]

Deloitte CPO Survey – Frustrating Graphics and Worrying Procurement Trends

The Deloitte Global CPO survey report is now available, and we’ve been taking a look at it. Pretty much every large consulting firm does something […]

Key Procurement Tensions/Trade-offs for 2017 – Supplier Collaboration and Innovation versus Tactical Power Plays

A few days ago,  we outlined five key areas of interest or tensions maybe for procurement in 2017. TWe are now looking at each in […]