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The Next Level Purchasing Association – welcome to our new associate sponsors

We’re excited to announce a new Associate Sponsor for our site, and it is a first for us for several reasons. The most pleasing is […]

CIPS Chartered Member consultation starts

The second of the CIPS initiatives going to member consultation is more contentious than the name change we wrote about here. (Thanks for all the […]

A Seat at the Top Table – preparing yourself for those top jobs

Back to our paper, "A Seat at the Top Table” written by Ed Cross, Executive Director of Xchanging Procurement Services, and me. In our last […]

Procurement Licence to Practice – the unexpected consequences

May 22nd 2015  - Tonight's TV highlights It's now over a year since the UK government introduced legislation that required everyone who buys on behalf […]

Get yer CIPS Qualification here, no effort required!

You know what is increasingly bugging me? The adverts in Supply Management magazine (and  flyers, brochures and so on which fall out of it), that […]

CIPS, NIGP and IIAPS – the acronyms are partnering in the procurement world…

Good to see a developing spirit of partnership from the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply. The new issue of Supply Management features two new […]

Public Administration Select Committee on public procurement skills tomorrow (gulp…)

I’m appearing as a witness at the parliamentary Public Administration Select Committee hearing on procurement tomorrow at 10.30am, with a specific focus on procurement skills […]

CIPS syllabus changes – responses from public sector procurement

We featured yesterday some of the changes to the CIPS (Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply) education ladder and syllabus. One obvious development is the […]

CIPS syllabus changes – global focus moves away from public sector

CIPS (the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply) recently announced major changes to their qualification structure and syllabus. These are the most significant for many […]

Taming eccentrics – CIPS, Monks, and Procurement Uniformity

(We were pleased to receive this unsolicited and thought provoking contribution from Andrew Heslop. Andy is "a career buyer and has worked for Asda, PwC, […]

BravoSolution: Assessing the Procurement Function – what are the key indicators?

In the second workshop discussion during our recent BravoSolution Real World Sourcing series – “Assessing the Function” - we asked the delegates a question. If […]

Procurement News from the US – Weekly Round-Up

Goodness gracious is it hot in Chicago. It’s too hot. Going outside is like walking into a thermos of soup. But! Procurement commentary must go […]