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Reputational risk

The Year of Sustainable Progress

EcoVadis provides reliable sustainability indicators on suppliers to help procurement teams monitor CSR/ESG practices. Its Co-CEO, Pierre-Francois Thaler, gives us an overview of how the firm sees […]

Halloween is Here – But Is Chocolate Firms’ Palm Oil Use the Real Horror Story?

It's Halloween! And many of us will have the big bags of sweets and chocolates ready for those lovable little scamps from down the road […]

Corporate Image & Compliance at Risk – New Briefing Paper Available Now

We’ve published the second in our Supply Chain Risk briefings, written in conjunction with riskmethods, this one titled “Corporate Image & Compliance at Risk: How […]

Corporate Image and Compliance – Supply Chain Risk Briefing (Part 2)

We’re pleased to announce the publication of the second in our supply chain risk briefing series, written in conjunction with risk management solution provider riskmethods, […]

An Everyday Story of Reputational Risk – Supplier Failure the Cause

It shouldn’t be a shock to anyone, really, but it never fails to surprise me how procurement and supply chain issues come into every part […]