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Procurement & Finance – A Fine Purchase-to-Pay Romance?

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Samson and Delilah. Kermit and Miss Piggy. Perhaps you have been in that situation personally - you can’t live with […]

The Five Principles of Sourcing – more on Coherence and Alignment

A little while back, we launched our Five Principles of Sourcing idea.  Inspired by conversations with Trade Extensions, whose software supports the most challenging, interesting […]

The Future of Contingent Labour – Read Part 2 of Our New Research

We’re excited to announce the publication of the second half of the Spend Matters/Comensura research paper -- Contingent Labour Review: Key Procurement Priorities. Part Two […]

Value Categories – When It Is Right To Spend More

We've had a lot of coverage here recently of marketing services procurement, driven in the main by the recent ProcureCon Marketing event, and it reminded […]

Contingent Labour Review: Avoid the “Back Bedroom in Blackpool” Syndrome!

We have a new research paper available for download - “Contingent Labour Review: Key Procurement Priorities -  Setting the scene for change”. This is a […]

Quick Wins for the New Procurement Leader – Download Our Paper Now

Supply risk management

We recently published a briefing paper titled Quick Wins for the New Procurement Leader – sponsored by the good people at BravoSolution. It is based […]