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Local Government and Taxpayer Money – How Do They Spend It?

We are delighted to publish this post from James Jeffrey, Business Writer, at Applegate – the B2B marketplace for buyers and sellers. In the financial year […]

Talk to Wax Digital About Procurement Technology, Make Some Cash For Charity!

Wax Digital, the Manchester based eProcurement firm, produced an interesting piece of research recently, titled the Procurement Innovation Pathway. “We wanted to understand the attitudes […]

Future Purchasing Category Management Survey – Please Contribute To Useful & Important Research!

The story of how category management was taken as a concept from the world of grocery retailing and transplanted into the procurement world is a […]

Temporary Labour Market – Key Procurement Priorities: Maturity and Value Levers

We have a new research paper available for download - “Contingent Labour Review: Key Procurement Priorities -  Setting the scene for change”. This is a […]

Purchasing Process Report 2016 – What Finance Has To Say About the Procurement Process

A recent survey by Red Brick Research on behalf of Invu asked 209 UK finance workers (Finance Directors, Chief Financial Officers, Finance Controllers and Finance Managers) […]

The True Cost of Delayed Supplier Payments

State of Flux  (a global procurement consultancy and SRM software company) carried out a survey to calculate the real cost of late payments practices to suppliers. Alan […]

6 in 10 Digital Adverts Are Not Seen by Humans – So Where Is the Value in Digital Marketing?

We recently wrote about the results of research carried out by Proxima into how companies manage, and receive value from, their digital marketing spend. John […]

What Does the Rest of the Business Think About Procurement? Read This and You’ll Find Out

As you travel through Spend Matters UK material, you will find that, on many occasions, we make reference to the position of the procurement function […]

Proxima Research: How To Fix the 60 Percent of Digital Budget Spent Ineffectively

Procurement outsourcing expert, Proxima, which describes itself as “the alternative to the conventional in-house procurement function” has produced some outstanding research and thought-leadership reports, like […]

Q: Are you wasting time and money on technology RFPs? A: Probably!

Greetings from Chicago, land of forever winter. We have several new free research downloads (including the one responsible for the title of this post), some others you should download quickly before they float off to back behind the paywall, and more US procurement news. Plus, in music - a re-issued gem of an album from a man who said no to joining the Rolling Stones!

30 Under 30 Supply Chain Superstars + more webinars and research

Late last month, ThomasNet and the Institute for Supply Management announced the winners of the first “30 Under 30 Rising Supply Chain Stars” recognition program - and we'll be featuring interviews with the winners over the next few weeks. We're also doing a webinar next week on The White House's SupplierPay initiative (if anyone is interested in the American side of things) and we know you're dying to figure out how much was spent on Valentine's Day last weekend.