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Responsible Procurement

Down the Procurement Pub – CIPS Surrey, a Times hagiography , and better UK GDP numbers

Thanks to everyone who came to the YMCA Guildford (all together now, "Y M C A - ay") last night for my presentation to the […]

Sustainable Procurement – has UK Government interest waned?

We’ve covered the recent report from the UK National Audit Office on “Improving government procurement” in some depth, but they also recently issued a briefing […]

What is your Responsible Procurement strategy?

It’s a while (too long) since we featured Alis Sindbjerg Hemmingsen who runs Responsible Procurement Excellence   (based in Denmark and  no connection with my consulting […]

The Eighth Day of Christmas – Paying a “Fair” Price for Raw Materials?

Dear Leader, I can understand the annoyance that you and your Council colleagues felt this morning when you could not get into the car park […]

The Second Day of Christmas – reputational risk through sourcing controlled products

(11 working days to Christmas – here’s part 2 in our special procurement best practice series). Jim, Thanks for the note asking for our help […]

Responsible Procurement – a free guide to an important topic

We featured a guest post recently from Alis Sindbjerg Hemmingsen who runs Responsible Procurement Excellence, a consulting / advisory firm based in Copenhagen. We haven’t […]

Responsible Procurement – and is blue washing a threat to your company?

We are delighted to welcome our first Guest Post from Alis Sindbjerg Hemmingsen, a Global Strategic advisor in Responsible Procurement Management. She has worked in […]