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Fulfilment Robotics at Amazon Business and their symphony with our future workplace

Earlier this month we attended the first ever Amazon Business conference (Amazon Business Exchange – ABX) held in London. We wrote an overview article highlighting […]

Amazon Business Exchange – First European Customer Conference for the Procurement Community

In what we think is rather exciting news in the B2B space and for the procurement function specifically, Amazon Business is holding its first ever […]

Procurement of Tomorrow (or the day after that) Part 2

Ed Cross, Executive Director at Odesma Ltd continues his take on how procurement might look in the future – part 1 is here.   In […]

Procurement of Tomorrow (or the day after that) Part 1

We welcome another guest post on our summer hot topic of the Future of Procurement – this is from Ed Cross, Executive Director at Odesma […]

Hot Topic – What Do We Want To Be Famous For?

As part of our Hot Topic over the summer, the Future of Procurement, we have been inviting readers to submit their thoughts. So we are […]

Pub Debate Results: Robot Takeover Defeated – Well, Delayed Maybe!

So our pub debate last Thursday went very well, with around 45-50 people in our private room at The Clarence pub in Whitehall - enough […]

The Robots are coming! Procurement needs to get robot savvy before they get us

I Robot was one of my favourite books, back in my teenage years when I devoured the entire science fiction section of the Houghton-le-Spring public […]