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Category Management – still a value-creation tool for procurement, Part 2

Yesterday we began our conversation with Mark Webb of Future Purchasing about whether category management has had its day or is still as critical to […]

Category Management: still a value-creation tool for procurement – part 1

Category Management has long been - in fact for about 30 years - referred to as the most powerful instrument in procurement’s tool box. As […]

Thoughts on Procurement Technology Investments

When I started working in the procurement technology space many moons ago the solutions were very specialised (i.e. e-sourcing) and often just an ERP add-on […]

Are You Getting the Best Return from Your e-Procurement Investment?

We welcome this guest post from David Dolan, Principal Consultant at Xoomworks Procurement. Once you have made a significant investment in a Source-to-Pay (S2P) system, it […]