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Per Angusta: a Laser-Like Focus on Managing the Sourcing Pipeline

“Can you imagine a Sales function without SalesForce or another CRM system? Yet those of us working in Procurement more often than not work without […]

The Importance of Linking Your Sales and Bid Teams

We wrote at the end of last year about how Procurement can play an important role in Sales, and wondered why we don’t see much […]

Is It Time To Retire Procurement?

We welcome this guest post from James Bousher, Operations Performance Manager at  Business Performance Consultancy Ayming. Every now and then, a profession seems to go through […]

Best Procurement Books of 2016 – Winning Selling to Impress the Buyer!

The last in our reminder of the procurement books of the year ... Tim Ussher is one of our old friends, a very impressive and […]

Give Us Solutions and Benefits – Selling to the CPO, part 2

Continuing our look into the CPO’s head, aimed at solution providers and others selling into these fine individuals! Part 1 was here. If you can […]

We’re Busy People! Selling to the CPO – Part 1

I still think of early September as the real “New Year” – something to do with school and university terms I think, 16 years for […]

Top Tips For Procurement – Coach Your Sales Teams

Tim Ussher is one of our old friends, a very impressive and experienced CPO; indeed, he won the first individual CIPS Purchaser of the Year […]