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Cash Flow Problems For Hospitals – Is Supply Chain Finance An Answer?

How bad is the financial crisis in the UK’s National Health Service? One worrying indicator is the number of Health Trusts (who run hospitals and […]

Tradeshift Supply Chain Finance Panel Debate – With A True Expert Audience!

The Tradeshift grand office opening and Supply Chain Finance panel discussion last Thursday was a very enjoyable event. The topic was  “Unleashing your working capital” […]

Procurement and Cyber Security – New Best Friends?

We are delighted to publish this post by Lucy Ashdown, head of network compliance for Tungsten Network, leading global eInvoicing, financing and analytics expert.   Cyber security […]

Growing Demand for Supply Chain Finance — Expert Insight from Trade Financing Matters

The growth in popularity of Supply Chain Finance (SCF) has been largely influenced by the globalisation and the ever-increasing complexity of the supply chain -- especially […]