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Aligned and Flexible Category Management with Comensura and Serco

Last week I participated in a workshop with Comensura based around the recent paper we published titled “Understanding Culture and Stakeholders - Why Category Management […]

Exclusive! Ministry of Defence to Bring Shared Services Back In-house when Serco Contract Ends

We heard recently from our sources that the Ministry of Defence has decided to bring the management of Defence Business Services (DBS) back in-house next […]

Best Practice Group and the History of Serco

The Best Practice Group (BPG) and their MD, Allan Watton, are genuinely deep experts around business process outsourcing contracts and what makes them succeed or […]

Ministry of Justice and Serco / G4S contract over-billing; the inside story (part 2)

(Continuing the story of the Ministry of Justice Electronic Monitoring (EM) over-billing, as told to us at the department’s staff event last week by Vincent […]