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Spend Analytics

Spend 360 – Machine Learning Drives Better Spend Analytics

We wrote recently about AnyData Solutions, a young firm with technology that is challenging the primacy of more established firms in the spend analytics market. […]

AnyData Solutions – A New Wave of Analytics Providers

Our hot topic for January and February (guest articles still very welcome) is Spend Analytics. So it seems like a good time to feature a […]

Spend Analytics – Understand Who Is Doing What!

We’ve been talking to a few Spend Analytics firms recently, and one point that hit me during those meetings seemed to be worth a quick […]

Spend Analysis Moving to Real Analytics

Only two months to go and we finish our  current series of Hot Topics -- Spend Analytics, the hot topic for January, is being extended into […]

Spend Analytics from Efficio – Procurement Consultants Branch Out

Efficio, the procurement consulting firm, announced a strategically significant move last week with the launch of their Spend Analytics software product, “the first product in […]

A New Generation of Spend Analytics with Tungsten

We’ve got a new briefing paper available now, covering the subject of Spend Analytics. The first "spend cubes" were developed some 25 years ago, enabled […]

The 7 Behaviours of Analytical Procurement

Last week, Gerard Chick, Chief Knowledge Officer at Optimum Procurement Group, looked at how procurement professionals can take advantage of analytics and use their findings […]

50 Shades of Pay Free Download – Giving Stakeholders Access to Procurement Spend Analytics

Our esteemed colleague at Spend Matters US, Pierre Mitchell, is a brilliant guy, and we don’t use than term loosely. He previously ran the Hackett […]

Spend Analytics – our Latest BravoSolution Real World Sourcing Session, Slides Available Now

Thanks to everyone who came along to the first BravoSolution Real World Sourcing event of 2015, at our new venue, the Jugged Hare in the […]