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Procurement Highlights: best of Spend Matters from the US of A

I'm delighted to introduce Sheena Moore, who works for Spend Matters in the USA.   Sheena and I will be putting together a weekly post highlighting […]

Exclusive! Peter Smith sacked by Supply Management!

Throughout the procurement world, more than three people are asking themselves: “what’s happened to Peter Smith’s blogs on the Supply Management website”? Now we can […]

Spend Matters launch part 2; and announcing Trade Extensions as a sponsor

We did some more launch activity yesterday, so if you are a new reader, welcome and really hope you enjoy the Blog and find it […]

Spend Matters, Amex, Copenhagen; quite a week, and thanks for your support

It has been quite a week, with our launch of Spend Matters UK /Europe, presentation delivered to the American Express event (still more to come […]

Welcome to Spend Matters UK / Europe

Hello, I'm Peter Smith, Editor of Spend Matters UK / Europe, and I'm delighted you're reading this! Today we have our 'soft' launch of Spend […]

Local sourcing, Walmart, and Felicity Kendall’s legs….

Did you see strictly Come Dancing? (Not that I watch it usually of course, just happened to be passing etc etc...) Do you realise that […]

Our anniversary! And more on Spend Matters UK & Europe – how it will work?

I was thinking that it must be about a year since I started this blog, but hadn''t got round to checking the date.  So, at […]

Contingent (temporary) Labour – get with the programme!

Jason Busch at Spend Matters points out in a post yesterday that much of the new employment in the US, such as it is, has […]

Ariba sells services business to Accenture

In a move that surprised many, Ariba have sold their sourcing services group business to Accenture. That makes Ariba pretty much a pure software firm, […]

Fieldglass deal with Madison Dearborn – Spend Matters analysis

I don't perceive that Fieldglass are quite as well known in Europe as in the US, but the Chicago venture capital firm, Madison Dearborn, has […]

Procurement Excellence blog to merge with world’s greatest procurement blog!

After long negotiations, fees to advisers that run into the double digit (yen), and a bid rumoured to be well into the realms of a […]