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Matthew Syed, UFC, Telling Stories – and Basware Connect

Matthew Syed is undoubtedly the best journalist, sports and business writer operating today who used to be a professional table-tennis player. He is even better […]

From Nothing To World-Class: What Can We Learn From Oxford Brookes Rowing?

There were other major sporting events taking place recently, believe it or not. As I coxed (no sniggering at the back) at university, and was […]

Tenuous Link to World Cup Procurement Post – How to Score Tenders

OK, we apologise, we have re-scheduled a couple of this week’s articles so we can feature something about the World Cup. Well, if we can’t […]

Confessions of a Cycling Virgin – Portsmouth to Bournemouth On a Bike in the Wind

Don't drink too much Elvis Juice at the Brewdog pub off Oxford Street, is the moral of today's story. Because that way you might end […]

Down the Procurement Chippy With New Health Supremo, a Pub Debate, Cricket and James Vincent McMorrow

I know I go on about Lincoln and the best pub in the world (the Strugglers Inn) but the Burton Road Chippy just 400 yards […]

Retaining Procurement Talent – Lessons From Spurs

Regular readers know that anything can set us off with a thought or idea about procurement that seems worth discussing. In this case – and […]

Down The Procurement Pub with LUPC, Consultants, Lady Aurelia and Let’s Eat Grandma

Here is another scene from the LUPC/SUPC university procurement customer conference event this week, with Gerald Dickens, the great author’s great-great grandson, performing at the […]

What Do Americans Know About Football? A Surprising Answer From Public Spend Forum

We’ve written a couple of articles about the Leicester City miracle, but as the team received the Championship Trophy on Saturday, it came as a […]

The War For Procurement Talent – Why Not Learn From Leicester City?

Please don’t switch off if you don’t like football – we promise not to make this too obtuse or geeky. But we’ve been wondering for […]

Buying Professional Services – How Did FIFA Engage Platini?

Having co-written that huge international best seller*, Buying Professional Services, published in 2010 by the Economist Books, the world of consulting and related industries continues […]