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Supplier diversity

Supplier diversity – MSDUK event looks to make it happen

Earlier this month, I attended a MSDUK facilities management and office services ‘meet the buyer’ afternoon, held at the Grange Hotel, Holborn in London. MSDUK […]

Supplier Diversity – Contract Management Issues and Tips

Last week, as part of our series on supplier diversity, we looked at the core supplier selection stage of the process and how it is […]

Supplier Diversity – Making the Core Procurement Process Accessible

Last week, as part of our series on supplier diversity, we looked at how the early stages of the procurement process could disadvantage small or […]

Supplier Diversity – opening up opportunities

We’ve covered supplier diversity for a while, and we’ve argued that conceptually it can have a number of objectives and benefits. Those may be customer […]

The Co-op shambles shows that mutuals aren’t all admirable

Paul Myners, a very experienced businessman (an ex colleague of mine at NatWest many years ago in fact – seemed like a good guy, clearly very smart too), who has worked in politics too, has given up his role on the Group Board although he is going to complete his report on the organisation. That departure seems to be because of lack of support from the decision makers in the process, the many regional Co-op boards that ultimately control the wider organisation. The saga at the Co-op Group continues.

Supplier Diversity at Cummins – highlights from the CPO Event

The recent CPO event was successful based on the three quarters of a day I spent there – about half the total time.  There were […]

Supplier Diversity – opportunities for practical procurement action

In our articles last year (most recently here) around the topic of supplier diversity, we talked about the drivers for organisations following that strategy.  We […]

Supplier Diversity – the next big thing in procurement or another fad?

Is supplier diversity becoming a major issue for the function and indeed for organisations generally? There seems to be some increased focus recently, although this […]