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Supply Chain Finance

Finance payroll, pay employees, avoid bankruptcy, keep economy going – a fintech initiative in response to the covid-19 effect on business

As this period of business and economic insecurity deepens, when far too many firms cannot foresee where they will be in 6 months’ time, let […]

We asked Chief Execs: what should the business focus on in times of crisis? – Keep Liquidity Going


As we wrote earlier this week, here and here, Spend Matters’ analysts and editors are well placed to hear from the market about what would […]

Early Invoice Payments: Reaching the Long-Tail

We welcome this guest post from David Brown, Co-founder and Head of Innovation at Previse, who argues that while supply chain finance can be a […]

In Case You Missed It … P2P Market Roundup

Several news stories this week to bring to your attention - we'll have more from our analysts in the next few days so do tune […]

Tradeshift-Basware M&A Talks Are Off!

Leading provider of networked purchase-to-pay solutions, e-invoicing and financing services, Basware, announced today that it has terminated talks with Tradeshift over its possible takeover offer. […]

Previse – AI Gives Invoicing Insight, Enables “Instant Payment”

We recently met up with co-founder and CEO Paul Christensen of Previse. He’s a very smart Australian, a lawyer initially, who has worked in start-ups […]

NHS Trusts Delaying Payment To Suppliers – Time For SCF?

The crisis in NHS funding is beginning to have a serious effect on suppliers to the UK health sector. We recently spoke to the owner […]

Supply Chain Finance – Join Us On Thursday Evening With Tradeshift

We mentioned here this week’s major social and business event - the Tradeshift debate and office opening celebration on Thursday night at 6.30pm, in the […]

Tradeshift on Unleashing Working Capital – Join Us for an Enlightening Discussion

Tradeshift has been in the news a lot recently. The firm announced their acquisition of IBX a few months back, a big step forward into […]

The Best Procurement Books of 2016: Financing The End-To-End Supply Chain

Continuing our reprise of the best procurement-related books of 2016. It’s a risky business, reviewing books (or anything else) produced by or involving friends. If […]

Book Review – Financing The End-To-End Supply Chain

It’s a risky business, reviewing books (or anything else) produced by or involving friends. If you make a big thing about being independent, then you […]

Ezubao and the Risk of Scandals in the Peer-to-Peer Finance Market

Treasury procurement alignment

Have you read about the Chinese firm Ezubao? If you haven’t, it’s worth following the story, which may yet have implications for western countries and […]