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Supply Chain Finance

Payments and Supply Chain Finance – an Excellent Lesson from Basware’s Ad van der Poel

We reported recently that Finnish technology firm Basware has acquired Procserve, the London based eMarketplace business, and you might even have noticed that the logo […]

PayPal competes with bank loans – and with supply chain finance options?

I wonder whether a significant business announcement might have just slipped out over the summer without too much comment. PayPal, the online payment service owned […]

Proactis acquires Intelligent Capture – and trails their new network and supply chain finance offering

Proactis has made its third acquisition in this calendar year, not bad for a software company from the sleepy, market town of Wetherby, Yorkshire (see […]

Supply Chain Finance, Mars and Mutuality of Benefits

Please, don't let it be true! A report in Monday's The Times says that Mars is implementing a supply chain finance (SCF) programme. Nothing wrong […]

OB10 Express Payments – Supply Chain Finance gets another boost

Last month, OB10, the leading e-invoicing provider, announced a significant new product in OB10 Express Payments. This is another sign that the areas of e-invoicing […]