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CIPS SM Procurement Awards tonight!

Like the international jet setter I am (seat 78E, wedged between two plus-sized American creationist tourists no doubt),  I should by the time you read […]

Being really clear on procurement “gifts and bribery” – a bottle isn’t OK

There’s an interesting piece on the Supply Management website about the Bribery Act, gifts and so on, with comments from Anthony Woolich, partner at law […]

CIPS Supply Management awards network event – the pictures that matter!

Here, demonstrating why I'll never win prizes for photo-journalism, are three of the four short listed entrants for the CIPS Supply Management "Young Purchaser of […]

Help needed! What on earth are Westminster Council going on about?

Please read page 23 of the new Supply Management magazine (yes, I know I don't normally ask you to read that venerable journal). Doesn't seem […]

Supply Management interview with Virgin Media procurement head

We might start a new feature here - we'll call it "questions I would have liked to ask". Don't you sometimes see interviews - with […]

Supply Management and the CIPS value proposition – a good deal?

Last week, Supply Management (SM) magazine announced that it's print edition was going monthly. Not a surprise as we said here. SM has invested considerably […]

New BSi standard for collaborative working published – it’ll cost you though….

The BSi Group (still described incorrectly by many as the "British Standards Institute") and PSL (Partnership Sourcing Limited) have published a Collaborative Business Relationships 'British […]

Sacked by Supply Management – the final part (honest!)

Yes, I know, it's getting boring, so I promise I won't go on about this after today.  In part 2 I explained the logic - […]

Sacked by Supply Management – part 2

Yes, thanks, I'm feeling a bit better now after my dismissal, but appreciate your concern, was a bit of a shock... Anyway, I've had some […]

Exclusive! Peter Smith sacked by Supply Management!

Throughout the procurement world, more than three people are asking themselves: “what’s happened to Peter Smith’s blogs on the Supply Management website”? Now we can […]

Whitehall Procurement savings targets – the numbers just don’t add up

Here is the post I wrote as my regular Supply Management Magazine Blog over the weekend.  For reasons which we may discuss further tomorrow, it […]

David Noble in Supply Management part 2: A licence to practice procurement? No, no, no!

There is a lot of good stuff going on in CIPS, some of which we discussed in our post yesterday regarding the CIPS Chief Executive's […]