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Contingent Workforce and Services in 2018 and 2019 (Part 1) – Out With the Old, In With the New

Our contingent labour workforce and services industry expert, Andrew Karpie, has recently published two very good articles on his favourite subject, the wonderful world of […]

The Common Pitfalls in Temporary Recruitment Non-Compliance

We are delighted to publish this guest article from Charles Austin, Client Services Director, Comensura, the supply management specialists. The Recruitment & Employment Federation recently […]

Temporary Labour Market – Key Procurement Priorities: Maturity and Value Levers

We have a new research paper available for download - “Contingent Labour Review: Key Procurement Priorities -  Setting the scene for change”. This is a […]

Capping Medical Agency Fees – What Impact Is It Likely To Have?

So, if Ministers and NHS England go ahead, interfere with the market (not a usual Tory principle) and set a cap on fees for medical […]

Simon Stevens, NHS CEO – Let’s Make Staffing Agencies the Scapegoats for NHS Problems

It is clear that Simon Stevens is not stupid. Far from it, he is one of the cleverest men in the country. As an ex […]

Skilled temporary workers – a growing trend for procurement and HR to consider

A couple of weeks back, Beeline, the Vendor Management Software (VMS)  provider, announced the acquisition of US firm OnForce. That firm's specialism is in the […]